What We Do

We work with businesses and organizations of any size to help them understand their user’s pain points and build a solution that the market desires.


Positioning is the heart and blood of a brand. It defines the brand’s value proposition and competitive advantages sending a clear and loud message of how it will be perceived in the minds of your users and prospective customers.

User Profiles and Journeys

The outcome of our research is applied to creating user profiles representing the brand’s target markets. Possible interactions with the brand are mapped out using the insights on user pain points and behavior.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is a powerful ally for mapping out customer needs and growth opportunities. Studying needs, pain points and desires of defined groups in a target market, we can target unfulfilled needs and turn them ino an advantage.

Brand Attributes​

Attributes are the qualifying characteristics of a brand. Users identify with brands that match their personality and character. We bulletproof your brand via imagery, language, and actions.

Competitive Audit​

Startups and evolving brands need to understand their strengths and weaknesses, in the context of its competitive environment. Through this process the brand can effectively identify target customers, their pain points and make intelligent decisions about the solution they should take to market.

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