About Us
What makes us so special?​

We are a team of smart, creative storytellers with a passion for working on challenging, meaningful and creative solutions. We help companies gain a competitive advantage by connecting people to their brand.

Our mission

To help businesses gain a competitive market advantage by connecting people with their brand.

Our values

God first, Family. We care about our clients, partners, employees and providers.

Our promise

We deliver solutions that help our clients build long lasting relationships with their users.

Our core

As a team, we embrace challenges. We build solutions not excuses.

Our Company

The Stratega was founded by Andrea Carmona, 
CEO and Chief Brand Strategist with a team of experts in multiple digital fields. Our team has many decades worth of valuable, collective experience in the brand strategy design, digital marketing, video production, audio engineering, and web technology fields.


Andrea Carmona

CEO/Chief Branding Strategist

Erick Carmona

Director of Usability (CX/UX)

Erick ensures that the brand’s graphic, written and audible voices extend to all user touch points so that its expression relays a constant and congruent message.

Using Design Thinking methodologies, Erick creates and supervises the architecture that implements tasks and actions defined by the brand strategy design.

Nathan Andrew

Information Architect

Nathan builds the information architecture of the brand to ensure that all user touchpoints are congruent and intuitive and guide the user in a friendly manner to take the actions predetermined by the strategy.

The result is the maximization of the ROI on the Marketing strategy investment.

Angela Raymond

computer science engineer, market analytics & research

Angela gathers competitive intelligence for the best understanding of the brand’s competitors and finds insights that elevate the quality of the brand strategy design.

Her experience with engineering processes and methodologies are key to performing deep research in any market in the world.

Olya Kotseba

UX/UI architect

Olya designs the usability architecture for the brand’s digital channels, so its message is easy to convey and understand.

Using UX and Design Thinking methodologies, we create friendly, intuitive interfaces with high user adoption.

Derly Hernandez

brand visual voice designer

Derly audits and analyzes the graphic expression of companies and organizations of any type to understand if their brand’s message is congruent with the brand strategy vision.

Using branding usability methodologies, we make your brand easy to understand and hard to forget.

Today's consumers don't just buy a brand, they join it

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